Land Conservation

Land for farming has been reducing due to urbanization and many people are living in plots where land for farming is patchy. The use of Multistorey Gardens helps maximize the limited space that you have while giving you the full benefits of a garden. You are able to multiply your farming space by 10 times and grow a large variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. This dietary fusion ensures food and nutrition security.

One 3 inch Multistorey Garden occupies a base diameter of 4.5 square feet and can accommodate up to 120 vegetable seedlings, Or 50 strawberry seedlings, Or 50 herb seedlings. This is therefore economical as compared to 16 vegetable seedlings planted in the same space of 4.5ft if one was to use the conventional farming method. While, a 6 inch Multistorey Garden occupies a base diameter of 7 square feet and accommodates 80 vegetable seedlings.

Our Wonder Multistorey Gardens make it possible to farm even in spaces that were previously not legible for farming. An example on balconies, on rooftops, on concrete and even in areas where the soil isn’t conducive.


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