Farming Wonder Events

Meet the Farming Wonder’s Directors

Meet Farming Wonder’s Directors, Mr. Daniel Gitau Thairu and Dennis Njau Muriithi.

Mr. Daniel Thairu

He is the brains behind the innovative Wonder Multistorey Gardens concept, having invented it in 2013 after a series of experiments with different farming options geared towards solving the most common farming challenges like a lack of farming space, water wastage, expensive traditional farm management practices with little profits. He is an electrical engineer by profession, a farmer by passion and innovator by heart. He began Farming Wonder as a personal project that later turned into a business due to high demand for the multistorey gardens.

 Mr. Dennis Muriithi.

Dennis holds a diploma in General Agriculture. He is a co-director with Mr Daniel at Farming Wonder being the face of the company as he takes a leading role in marketing.

Farming Wonder’s new attachee

Farming Wonder is excited to introduce our new addition to the family, our attachee, Faith Wanjiku, who is a third year student pursuing a Bachelor in Commerce Finance option.