Our Wonder Multistorey Gardens multiply farming space by 10 times which makes them ideal for commercial farming. We install them both in plots in urban areas and in large farms in rural areas.

A plot of land size  1/4 acre once installed with Wonder Multistorey Gardens makes one farm as though with 2 acres of land. Main advantage is that you cut down on the expenses associated with commercial farming.

  • you reduce on wages: 1 employee is enough to man a 1/4 acre of land with Multistorey Gardens, while 2 acres of land would need more than 10 employees.
  • you reduce on water usage: conventional farming requires you water twice a day, while farming on wonder multistorey gardens requires you only water twice a week. The canopy formed by the vegetables grown in the gardens reduces evaporation rate.
  • you multiply on yield: a base diameter of 4.5ft can carry 16 plants, while one multistorey garden sitting on a space of 4.5ft holds 120 vegetable seedlings and gives you a harvest of 7 kgs a week for vegetables. You harvest 9 times more than someone farming the conventional way.