Soil nutrient management

The Multistorey Gardens are economical on manure. One Multistorey Garden unit requires 14 wheelbarrows soil. Using conventional way, soil and manure ratio is 1:1 which translates to seven wheelbarrows of soil and seven wheelbarrows of manure which is a bit expensive.

When manuring Multistorey Garden we ensure the only area the manure is applied is where it is used effectively by the plants. After filling the Multistorey Garden with soil, four inch soil is scooped in all the terraces, and the top layer is half filled (4 inch). Soil mixed with manure in the ratio of 1:1 is backfilled to the spaces left after scooping. It only takes 3 buckets of manure which is very economical as opposed to 7 wheelbarrows in the conventional way. The nutrients are preserved in the Multistorey Gardens by stacking, canopy and mulching which reduces evaporation.