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Wonder multi-story gardens is a way of providing a variety of solutions to space and high productivity at lower cost .This dietary infusion blends a variety of crop to your space for sukuma wiki (kale),spinach, kunde, minji, onions ,tomatoes, managu, strawberries among others with an added value advantage of green landscaping.


a) Uses little water hence conserves it.

b) Economical on space
Produces a lot on same space size used by conventional farming i.e. a space of a 4ft square can accommodate 130 plants whereas the conventionally holds only 16 plants.
Space occupied by standard greenhouse measuring 8m by 15m can hold upto 30 multi-story garden

c) Each plant has adequate access to sunlight, water and manure

d) Creates job for youths to be involved in agriculture through installation and design of multi-storey gardens.


The farming wonder multi-storey garden farming technology made of HPDE which allows smooth flow of water downwards and can last for over 10 years as compared to sacks or old mosquito nets widely used by Kenyan farmers.

The farming wonder multi-storey gardens are constructed using HPDE materials with a thickness of 0.5 – 1mm which are cut into different sizes and fastened using bolts and nuts at the ends to form circular rings with a diameter of 4ft and 6ft.

These rings reduces in sizes by 2-4 inches upwards to make layers of stakes with a wider base and a narrow top forming a pyramid -shaped structure with terraces.

The material used have a longer lifespan of over 10 years as they are ultra-heat treated as compared with total the multi-storey gardens have six layers which can also be added to make them 8 layers each with terraces filled with soil while the top ring holds the top soil.

The soil used should be mixed with the less acidic fine goat manure on a 1:1 ration which is done all round the terraces.

One such structure occupies a space of 4 sqft to 6 sqft and it can accommodate between 120-130 plants on a six inches spacing depending on the type of vegetable and fruit planted.

The innovation is an exciting technology for year round vegetable gardening in the country. It is suitable for urban gardening in Kenya were land for farming has greatly reduced due to urbanization. Farming is an important human activity in Africa and many parts of the world .The gardens are reputable for utilizing minimal land and water .multistory gardening requires little technical and financial support. Multistory gardens are also suitable for dry, non-fertile areas where soil are not suitable for conventional gardening, areas with water scarcity.


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